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Dazer II

Featured Special DAZER II Dog Deterrent

DAZER II Dog Deterrent
DAZER II Dog Deterrent
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Category: Dazer II
Price: $79.95

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NZ Natural Premium Dry Dog Food made in New Zealand

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No artificial preservatives,
flavours or colouring, Gluten & GE free!

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In New Zealand 2015 there were over 10,000 unwanted dog attacks - a big percentage increase from previous year. Don't be a victim in 2015!

On average 28 people every day are attacked by dogs!

By aiming the device towards the dog and pressing the button a couple of times, the DAZER II produces a discomforting but not harmful high-powered sound, audible to dogs but not to humans.

Dazer 11 repells attacking dogs and stops dogs barking effectively
(Save 15% TODAY Normal  RRP $ 89.95 + P & P Now $ 79.50)

We also sell Premium Dry Dog & Cat Food 100% made in NZ - ADDICTION (Grain Free)     

Introducing one of the:

Best Dog Deterrent & Anti-Bark
Dog Trainers on the World Market:

* Stops Barking Dogs
* Stops Aggressive Dogs
* Stops Dog Attacks

Five more reasons to buy Dazer 11 Dog Deterrent

1. Dazer 11 has been MANUFACTURED IN USA since 1988 and is proven in the New Zealand market for over 6 years which means you can buy with confidence and know that Dazer 11 will work for you.

2. Dazer 11 will not harm Dogs in any way. You can use Dazer 11 with confidence and not feel guilty that you are hurting the animal concerned. It is safe and highly effective

3. Dazer 11 is used by Vets, SPCA, Dog Kennels,  and Dog Trainers throughout the country as an effective training tool. You too can join the other satisfied dog owners who use Dazer 11 to control dog barking, behavioual issues, and for protection
against roaming dogs and for peace and quiet against barking neighbours dogs.

4. Dazer11 comes with a 100% money back warranty* Buy with confidence

5. Dazer 11 is an effective personal secuity device for joggers, walkers, real estate agents, posties, couriers, runners, cyclists, contractors, meter readers etc.



We have the solution for you

Client feedback
I am a dog owner and dog lover, and just ordered my 5th Dazer --- I keep giving them to friends who are amazed when they see how well dogs respond.

I always keep one with me, for a purpose I don't see in your other testimonials -- stopping dog fights.
My dog can be aggressive at times, and I don't want to see her injure a smaller dog, or get injured by a larger one.
As soon as the hackles go up, my finger is on the button. One quick push distracts the dogs, the aggression stops, and we move along.

Thanks for a GREAT product, reliably built and reasonably priced. Steve.

Hi Ian,it is with huge relief that I advise you that your product has been a success.

I had noisey neighbours dogs x 3 driving me nuts.

With diplomacy failing and noise control not working I was desperate for a solution .The Dazer use has 'retrained' the problem dogs with the ignorant uncorperative owners none the wiser.


For the first time in years (yes years) I have peace and quiet at my own house resolved in just a few days.

Just Magic!          Andrew C. Hamilton


For as little as NZ$ 79.50 (plus Nationwide P&P Courier Charge of $5.50)

(Save 15% Normal  RRP $ 89.95 + P & P)

Wishing to Avoid Nasty Dog Attacks?

Need to Control Noisy Dogs Barking Excessively?

Give yourself, your family & your pets some vital protection against angry and aggressive dogs! 

The situation may arise when you least expect it and it can happen very fast with life threatening outcomes.

Always carry the DAZER II by utilising the strong belt clip & be ready for action against nasty dog attacks, dog fights & uncontrollable behaviour such as excessive BARKING!

Break up those Dog Fights now!

Are you frustrated with angry dogs making your life or your job so much more difficult & dangerous?

The DAZER II Dog Deterrent - it works!

(similar in size to a Garage Door Remote)


Measures 11.5cm long x 5.5cm wide x 3cm deep


Yes we do ship the Dazer to Australia (through our agent in Brisbane) and other countries. 

Product documentation applies. 12 Month product warranty applies.  

Effectiveness can differ with use on puppies(hearing not developed until 9 mths old),
dogs that are highly trained (to not be distracted) or senior dogs (that have hearing difficuties)


E.& O.E 2015
*freight not included in money back warranty and item must be returned to us before refund can be processed.



Tuesday 20th of February 2018

New Trade Enquiries Welcome!

Need to Promote the Latest & Best Possible Products to your Customers?

Help save the Public especially Children from Nasty Dog Attacks!

Let your Customers train their Dogs Simply & Effectively!

Help reduce the Frustations of Noisy Barking Dogs!

Get those Stray Dogs & Cats under control!

"DAZER II Dog Deterrent & Anti- BARK Trainer"

Call us for Trade & Corporate Purchase Pricing! Special pricing is available for essential services such as Police, Postal Workers, Real Estate Agents, Contractors, Meter Readers, Nurses, Charities etc

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